Special Projects

From time to time we are asked by particular customers to produce specimens of surfaces in unusual applications that are not directly concerned with the measurement of surface roughness or the calibration of instruments. These special projects sometimes involve us in special problems, such as how to deal with surfaces that have 3D structures, or unusual shapes and sizes.

Some case studies are presented below.

replicas of engine camshafts for engine oil manufacturer

Rubert manufacture marketing materials for Castrol Oil Company for their Castrol Magnatec product range. We simulate camshaft surface wear to illustrate the benefits of their improved oil.

bullet casings for forensic examiners

We produced a set of replicas of spent bullet casings that can be used by police forensic examiners. These are supplied to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and used by forensic examiners throughout the USA.

Visual aids for scratch and nick detection

These two visual aids were used in a GE jet engine assembly plant to address a quality control issue. The visual aids provide samples which help the inspectors estimate the depth or scale of damage due to nicks and scratches.

Surface preparation for hardness testing

When testing metal surface for hardness, by means of a Rockwell indenter for instance, it is important that the surface roughness does not exceed a certain value, otherwise the hardness measurement will be inaccurate. Our comparator enables surfaces to be checked prior to hardness testing.