This specimen has two cylindrical patches: one is a section of the top surface of an engine camshaft from an engine which had run for several hundred hours under test filled with one type of oil, and the other a section of another camshaft from the same engine in a similar test but filled with a competitor’s oil.

It was made by us for the Castrol Magnatec Oil company as a marketing aid for them to illustrate to customers how their new type of lubricant offers better protection against surface damage to camshafts, than a competitor’s lubricant does.

Rubert replica camshaft for Castrol Castrol marketing replica camshaft
The top view shows the electroformed specimen in its marketing presentation. This view shows the complete camshaft. The two surface finishes can be seen, one simulates a camshaft surface with normal lubrication, the other – smoother – surface simulates the surface with the Castrol Magnatec Oil product. Rubert replica camshaft for Castrol close up of camshaft